SwiftUI is apple’s latest and greatest declarative UI framework. It is exceptionally simple and easy to use to build user interfaces across all Apple platforms with the help of the Swift programming language.

How do we use it? I’m glad you asked. Let’s make a simple and elegant login screen that looks like this.

I have been a long time Linux user, I have just switched to mac. When switching new technology or anything on that matter, Looking for similar experiences in new things is quite common.

In my case, the dropdown terminal is one of the things as a developer switching to macOs I missed the most. Something likeguake does not work with mac.

But Iterm2 can be configured to setup as dropdown terminal, and here is how.

Install iTerm2

You probably have already gone through this step, because let’s face it the default terminal is not good. …

Getting started with Travis

What / Who Is Travis? Why do I need it?

Have you ever written code for an app, It works. Then you added more code to do more things. The app gets more complex and bigger as time goes. Imagine you have like 100 functionalities in your app. You want to check them all. How are you gonna do it.?

Meet Travis

Your own personal butler to test your code for you. hehehehe But seriously what is Travis?
Well, Travis is a service that deals with two things continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD).

We will focus on CI…

Lupyana Mbembati

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